DesignOnTampere is an association of designers founded in 2010. DOT promotes high quality Finnish design and creates city culture at Tampere.

DesignOnTampere seeks as members professional designers and other creatives who are interested in developing city culture and local design scene. Members can work in the creative field as designers, photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, artists etc. DesignOnTampere members can take part in the designer community, impact in cultivating city culture and promote one’s own work through the association.

The association can be joined as a private person, a company, a student or an advocate. All memberships except advocacy entitles to one vote in the annual general meetings.

An applicant is expected to have previous experience from the association’s activities either as a participant or as collaborator. This is important because the association works as a community for shared objectives. This does not apply to advocacy members. DesignOnTampere requires that the applicants activities are in line with the objectives of the association.

DesignOnTampere board of directors processes the applications monthly (excl. june-july). At least one from the board of directors must recommend the applicant.

Membership fees are charged annually.

Submit an application or ask for more info

Include personal data, cv and pictures from previous work (1-4 pictures) to your application letter.